Conduit Water-Block Sealant

Quick-Setting Two-Part Foam Duct Sealing System

  • Seals water, dirt, oil, gases, rodents out of conduit/duct & office.
  • Deters copper cable thieves.
  • Strong, resilient and chemical resistant.
  • Provides superior protection in adverse field conditions.
  • Holds 22 feet water-head pressure over an extended period.
  • Tolerates cable movement.
  • Seals up to (5) 2″ (50mm) ducts.
  • Expands and cures quickly even when water is present.
  • Seal ducts quickly & neatly.
  • No mixing or measuring. Two-part foam is mixed in nozzle as it is injected. Saves time.
  • Packages are re-sealable. No waste.
  • Removable
  • No known effects on common cable and wire jacketing compounds.

This Conduit/Duct Seal is a closed cell foam, which is superior to open cell spray foams. The kit contains a cartridge filled with a two-part foam base with a mixing nozzle. When mixed and injected, the foam expands and hardens, keeping water, acids, greases, gases, insects, and rodents, etc., out of the conduit. The foam has good adhesion to metals, plastics, and concrete. A separate, reusable ratchet application tool is used to inject foam.