Cable Splice Sealant

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Why Splice Shield is Superior

  • Easy-to-use & re-use cartridge. No gummy, dirty brushes needed.
  • Re-sealable cartridge-easy to open multiple times.
  • Will not cement shut like cans.
  • Dries quickly.
  • Does not need to be tack free before direct burial.
  • Requires just one coat for immediate labor savings.
  • Thick flexible coating-10x thicker than competitive brand.
  • Excellent protection against oil, water and corrosion.
  • Good dielectric strength.
  • Safer-no Harmful or Highly Flammable Solvents.
  • Does not always require the use of tape.
  • Can be applied when cables are already connected.
  • Fixes all size of cables.
  • No shrink upon cure.
  • Kit contains all the materials needed to seal multiple splices.
Splice Shield™ Catalog Numbers
CS-KIT1 Polywater® Splice Shield™ 2-part self-dispensing cartridges, 5 Mixing sticks, 5 Single gloves