Fire Stop – Intumescent


For use in:Fire stop art

  • Concrete floor assemblies with flat form decks. Not for use in wall
  • Dust and fiber free environments such as hospitals, computer centers and laboratories
  • For 0.5-6 in. conduit

Benefits of Intumescent Fire Stopping

  • Order height needed-No assembly required
  • Fast & Simple- Set & Forget
  • Each sleeve accommodates a range of sizes
    • 1/2-1 in.
    • 1.25-2 in.
    • 2-3 in.
    • 3-4 in.
    • 5-6 in.
  • Order sleeves for job specific height.
  • Delivered completely assembled.
  • No other parts need to be ordered, cut or attached. (No safety cover, extension adapter, water module, deck adapter, mineral wool or fire caulk)
  • Allows movement and off-center conduit
  • Interior mid-body seal provides water resistance
  • OSHA compliant safety cap/hole cover
  • UL Approved
  • Exceeds building code requirements
  • Patented cast-in-place technology and mid-body water seal
  • All sizes in the metallic version are rated for 3 hours.
  • The plastic version are rated for 3 hours for the 4 inch and under.
  • The 6 inch are rated for 2 hours.